OSI Pest Elimination - Our Services

Commercial Services
  • Fly Program
  • Ant Program
  • Odor Program
  • Perimeter Protection Program
  • Food Processing / Warehouse Program
  • Bed Bug Service
  • Cockroach / Rodent Program
  • Perimeter Protection Program

Residential Services
  • Cockroach / Rodent Program
  • Perimeter Protection Program
  • Ant Program
  • Bed Bug Service
  • Flea treatment to protect your pets

Programs and Scope of Services are tailored to customer’s needs and preferences ensuring compliance with proper regulations and auditing standards.

Cockroach/Rodent: This is our premier program for all full size and quick service restaurants. OSI will go through clear service steps to maintain a pest free environment using the most effective products in the industry. Our process includes, inspection, residual, flush, dust, bait, monitor, re-inspection. These steps will be followed on every service. Equipment such as rodent exterior bait stations, multi-catch traps, snap traps, and glue boards will be included with the service at no additional cost (unless discussed and agreed upon with management).

Occasional invaders will be treated during service for any customers maintaining a regular monthly service using our cockroach/rodent program. Although, there may be seasons were addition treatments may need to be applied to combat occasional invaders from entering facilities and establishing harborage around perimeter, these extra treatments may require an extra charge (all extra charges will be discussed prior to treatment).

Fly Program: Includes monthly inspection (with full report). Exterior residual treatment applications around all fly entry points. Interior wipe down method on fly resting points. Maintaining customer’s own flying insect light traps. Insect light traps can be purchased through OSI at an additional cost. Also other methods can be applied such as target baiting, bait stations, and aerosol applications.

Ant / Occasional Invaders Program: The program benefits those customers that deal with ants and crawling insect pests on a consistent basis. This program allows OSI to completely focus on areas that relate to these pests. This program provides;

A thorough inspection and pest identification. Customers placed on a regular service. Non repellent residual application. Target baiting Ant bait stations installation. No customer call back charges.

Odor Program: This program is designed to eliminate odor issues in your facility. OSI will install and maintain air defense odor units on each service visit. A variety of scents and odor counteractants are available.

Bird Program: The Bird Program provides solution options for bird pest issues. Nesting, roosting, loafing and feeding birds will be excluded and/or repelled through the use of multiple service options. Some of the options available include. Electric Track, coils, spikes, netting, repellent barriers, and trapping.

Perimeter Protection Program: This program is designed for customers wanting an exterior and one-time protected chemical treatment around their facility.

Food Processing / Warehouse Program: This program is tailored to the food processing industry and designed to meet their audit guidelines.

Bed Bug Service: This is a specialized and thorough treatment strategy that involves customer cooperation. We provide customers the option of purchasing an additional service that treats bed bugs.

OSI Bed Bug Service protocol is an intensive two month service plan designed to remove bed bug infestations from rooms and to protect the customer brand. This aggressive protocol includes three mandatory follow-up treatments in all rooms initially treated.

Flea Treatment: We offer a thorough and complete inspection treating all flea and larvae resting areas such as carpet, furniture, lawns and pet bedding.


Our commercial services provide the most up to date methods in Integrated Pest Management.


As a family owned business our main priority is to provide a safe and pest free environment for your loved ones.

Single Shots

When the occasional pest problem arises we can meet the challenge by providing you affordable single-shot services.